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Women's Bible Study

Finding Freedom's Bible study has officially launched! We have prayed for over a year as this was one thing we deeply desired to put in place at the beginning stages of Finding Freedom Ranch. We began meeting at the end of September and are thankful West Michigan Wellness Center in Byron Center has graciously allowed us to use their space. Additionally, a huge thank you to everyone who has donated both time and money to get us to this place thus far. Over the past year, we have trained a few women as mentors. Each mentor is here, walking with and alongside the girls! Everyone who comes is encouraged to bring a friend, family member, or someone close to them to study and grow together. If they do not have someone they feel they can ask, we will provide them with a mentor who will walk with them on their journey toward finding freedom. The study we are doing is "Transformed" by Jennifer Smith Lane. The goal of this study is to help each person see their identity in Christ and see that through every struggle, God is working His way for His children's good and His glory. We meet as a large group once a month, and then each mentor and mentee meet an additional time monthly. The second meeting between the mentor and mentee allows everyone to discuss the study more openly and in-depth as well as provides a personal connection. The Transformed group will continue to meet together for one year! We will keep you updated monthly to share what we are learning and how you can pray for us! Again, thank you for your support, care, and prayers, as we take each step God lays out for the Finding Freedom Ranch team.

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