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Our Story

Finding Freedom Ranch is the vision of the Burgess family and was created as a result of their journey with an eating disorder.


When seeking treatment for their daughter in 2018, they found residential treatment options for adolescents were non-existent in Michigan and like many families, they were left with the only option of sending their daughter out of state for the treatment she needed. Following that treatment, they found themselves supported and held by many who prayed for them and continued to point them to the heart of Christ and soon witnessed their daughter start to find true freedom from her eating disorder. 

It was then that they felt nudged by God to provide a way for young women to find freedom from their eating disorders and to help families not have to endure what they went through. From that nudge, Finding Freedom Ranch got its start. Since then, God has continued to open doors and connect needs, bringing together the team of individuals that now make up Finding Freedom Ranch and the support that surrounds us as we work to grow our mission to heal the heart of an eating disorder with the mind of Christ. 


You can also watch Maci's story in the video below.

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