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Building Freedom Capital Campaign

Join us as we build a place where freedom from eating disorders can be found.

The goal of this campaign is to raise the funds necessary to complete Michigan's first residential treatment facility for adolescent girls battling eating disorders


Finding Freedom Ranch will be unlike any other treatment center; a gospel-based ministry that works toward healing the heart of an eating disorder with the mind of Christ. We will provide medical intervention if needed, Biblical counseling and equine therapy in the treatment process. We will also be able to house and expand on our current support groups, which provide much-needed early intervention and community for both those fighting an eating disorder and those who walk along side them. 


Young women who go through Finding Freedom Ranch will find peace with God, peace with themselves and peace with food. By exploring the depth of their spiritual identities, their external battle, and their emotional insecurities through the gospel truth, young women will be equipped to stand in their new found freedom.

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