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Transformed & Mom's Group Updates

Both the Transformed and Moms Group have been meeting since August. Each month, they gather in community to discuss new topics, support one another, and spend time in prayer.

This past month, the Mom's group continued their study through the book, Idol Lies. Chapter 5 brought more discussion on our heart idols revealing the following lie: Your idol will rescue you. The group discussed Jeremiah 2, spiritual idolatry, and the grip each idol can have over us.

Transformed continues working though the book, Transformed. During the month of January, the group discussed session 5, From Idolatrous to Devoted. Here the group reflected on how God redeems our hearts and sets us free in Christ. During this study, we were able to see God's faithfulness through His Son and the Holy Spirt, while also exposing our darkness into the light.

For both mom's, and those interested in our Transformed Study, we would love for you to join us at our February meetings!

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