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Groups Update

Transformed Group:

This past meeting, our transformed group discussed idols and how they stem from our human desires of wanting to please others or self. The group was able to unpack this topic and discuss how it can so often affect our personal lives by reading deeper in Galatians 1. Here we were reminded that things can sneak in looking good with no intention to steal, kill and/or destroy; however, often become first on the throne of our heart rather than Christ. Despite this, we are reminded we have a God who deeply loves us and continues to give unending grace through Christ's work on the cross.

Moms Group:

This past week, our mom's group discussed the topic of suffering. More specifically, how through suffering our own idols can be revealed. God continues to refine us through our trials as he understands suffering. He is the great I AM and we rest in this assurance.

We will continue on to chapter 7 and plan to meet again on Tuesday March 14.

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