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From Ashamed to Honored

Message from the June Transformed group meeting:

Our June meeting was on chapter 10 "Ashamed to Honored" and the story from the book hit home. In every chapter there is a story of someone who struggled with an Eating Disorder along with reasons and whys. Every story in every chapter is different of how ED began and the way the enemy used the circumstances to drag them down into a pit that manifests in many personal ways. It IS personal and tonite was more personal than other nights. We remember we have a PERSONAL GOD. Yes the word personal is being overused in this blog post, but it is needed today to have the reminder that God knows us intimately. He is also a God over all things. And, He saves us to a community of believers, HIS Church. He has given us His word and His people to walk through this world reminding us He took our shame and gives us His honor by the life of His Son. We left the evening looking at the last page of our study, it is page 103. Verse upon verse of our name and identity that overrides the shame we have known in personal ways to each of us. We have a Savior that knows our shame and has given us His name....have you given him your shame and received Him today? The enemy loves to keep us hiding so we do not walk in freedom of being with Christ. He knows you and I intimately.
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